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Lost Dad (Independent 2017)

   Old house recording or even various places spotted parts for this stuck with the attaching little casio thing but feeling comfortable on being with his own music to dare in to be released as big bag garden of salsa sunchips or watching the world with giant clouds. Mentioning himself just as “me” as the sounds made form yamaha protasound to sk1 casio with a little thankful for Jenna and Lily over the words lyrics inspirations andall those Lo-Fi synth/Bedroom-Pop record of acoustic grungy simplicity via Father Truck of Grand Rapids giving you the Stealing Flowers From The Neighbor’s Lawn featuring hands holding spoon and fork sign sharing the silent melodies of tiny sounds peacefully tangled via Hot Moth, Hoop, Moon, Not True and With You.

Shy voices comes encircling the bench of the old porch witnessing the rural sided music and sounds grows its acorn to leaves there …