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Loop Revenge (Bandcamp 2017)

   Viterbo, Italy will be recognized within the presence of these trio of Hard Rock, Funk and Progressive Rock sexier than the Baywatch babes ever exists as the independent mixed gender rock group - Black Mamba rocking out your lungs out and bangs the stereo by the superb rhythmic mid-tempo musical trap for the likes on Toto, Deep Purple, Rush and Muse among others. Irma Mirtillia (vocals, guitars), Cecilia Nappo (bass guitar) and Federico Maragoni (drums) are your neo favorable Noir Rock presents as their catchy sounds as well as extremely high-techniques developed voltage shocking through the recording – Heritage would giving you a new persistence in rock world as the tracks like Never Obey, Wreckage, Lost in Translation and The Golden Cat to Pills in The Sun or The Lie completely, comes as amazing as you never expected made by the gorgeous females fronted band.