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Life Discovery (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 2012)

   Prometheus taken from the Greek mythology to be a titan, trickster heroic whom creates mankind from clay as stealing the fire of the gods and gave it to humans. Related to the installments for a prequel for Aliens merchandise series sets on the late 21st century centering the spaceship crew of Prometheus following the star map of the ancient artifacts on Earth cultures on their mission to find human origins as the introduction of the film showing humanoid alien dissolves after drinking an iridescent dark liquid as spacecraft departs the planet; left the remaining of the alien mixed with water under the waterfall connecting to the archeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discovering a Scotland matches of star-map wall painting interprets as the forerunners invitation creating by the so-called “engineers” as Peter Weyland the CEO of Weyland Corporation funding the expedition in search for the answers to the distant moon LV-223 using scientific vessel Prometheus led by mission director Meredith Vickers went all stasis with android David monitoring the voyage. December 2093, the mission arrived to their destination in finding the trace of the engineers but no making contact without permission on the strangely barren and mountainous surfaces land to sighting the large artificial structure as the team begin their explorer mission inside.
With Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw), Michael Fassbender (David) and Charlize Theron (Meredith Vickers) led the exploration team on finding bizarre alien compound discovered later as a remote experimenting lab complex which contains thousand of stone cylinders monolithic giant humanoid statues and decapitated large alien body corpse as the storm approached make the team grabs things to take back to the shuttle and examine while several crew left behind the structure. With David hidden protocol from Weyland Co. to test the investigation over the effects of the cylinder liquid leaking more dark liquid inside the cave as well; he taints the drink of Halloway with the alien liquid before then having sex with Shaw. 
   The soundtrack scoring eerie instrumental tracks like Space Jockey, Dazed, Planting The Seed, Hammerpede, Try Harder or more - with Ben Foster and the composing works of marc Streitenfeld/Roger Suen creates the original Sci-Fi tales telling us the truth and the horror reality that the best hidden secrets kept well shut rather than being discovers leading to terrible things as the remaining left behind crew got attacked by snake-like creature killing them instantly as Holloway got sickens rapid on the second tour inside the structure led David to open the secret door of the stasis remaining engineer with 3D hologram star map highlighting planet earth as then on the emergency way back Holloway burnt to death by Vickers avoiding any infections from outside to enters but another dead crew body show up and begun to attacking the other crew before being contaminated for good as the truth reveals for Dr. Shaw being surprisingly pregnant only to find out the automated surgery table extracting squid-like creature from inside her (and) another shocking moment where wounded Shaw finally meet Mr. Weyland himself on board just awaken from the stasis ride surrounded by his own team and daughter – Vickers. 
Virulent biological weapon erupts the out of controls over it powers to be contained destroying most of the engineers except one whose awaken, trying to targeting planet earth using the massive spacecraft/structure after killing Weyland and his team entering the alien labs and destroying David before later on intercepts by Prometheus last crew in a big collision to stop it from airborne. 
Dr. Shaw ejected through the lifeboat capsule alive but facing the fact that a monstrous squid-like creature rampaging inside the clinic as well as the engineer coming to eliminates her – the opening airlock witnessing us about the death of the engineer by the monster squid only to spawning another creature which looks like the early stage of the ferocious alien-creature as we fearful and knowing. Shaw and the fixated David together decided to using another hidden spacecraft to find the engineer’s home planet.