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Leyenda Cirios (EuropaCorp 2005)

   Old Mexico-based story-telling about the western-comedy tales for these two exotic Latina women whose coming from the different status background starring Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek as Maria Alvarez the farming girl with poor and uneducated father being forced to give his land to the vicious baron Tyler Jackson and then killed while Sara Sandoval would be the highly educated colleges on abroad countries but experienced the same case dealing with the mean ruler baron. The plan for revenge attached these two females relationship characters within the lack of experiences before tutelage by Bill Buck the famous bank robber; Maria and Sara begin their acts of robbery, stealing and giving the money back to the poor especially, those whom lost their lands to the baron   just like them too.
   The action for Bandidas might be starts with the test for these girls like hanging form a metal bar over the wide river for their strength only for the audience to find out that Maria cannot swim as being saved by Sara; disagreements in the most hilarious sexy ways of Mexican women did over the argument and disagreement until they both can at least working together and managing skills for crack shooting or knives throwing with Tyler Jackson hired an investigator Quentin Cooke – later being seduced and realizing about the real story about the hot Bandidas and their background revenge plan over Jackson which relates almost entirely because of the star-cast attractions and the original motion picture soundtrack composed by the French musician/composer Eric Serra touching the more essential parts between western and Mexican by scoring tracks like The Beautiful Daughter, You Killed My Father, Los Peones En La Iglesia, El Pueblo En La Carvena, Billbuck, El Torrente onto Companeras and Los Mercenarios among others – completing your favorable guidance to Latinas realm traditional music as the criminal client Tyler Jackson using train to moved his gold after Maria, Sara and Quentin embarks their bigger ambitious heists along the territory as Jackson planning to steal the gold and betraying the Mexican government – they hunting him down and the last gun drawn pays the bad person his due as Maria and Sara shooting him up to death, rides off to the sunset and planning to go to Europe because the banks are bigger there !