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Lenny Inner City (ZTT Records 1981)

   British of the eighties era New Wave check-points sound delivers and one hit wonder team-mates group calling themselves as The Buggles consisting of the performer musicians of Geoff Downes (synthesizers, electric piano, drums, keyboards and backing vocals) and Trevor Horn (vocals, bass guitar, guitars)always be seminal remembered for their well-known radio and MTV hits from the first recording but there’s something more to listen here over their second releasing record entitled – Adventures In Modern Recording with the keeping on Dancing beats known as favorable via Electronic and Synth-Pop intrigue on brainwashing our older brothers or parents heads as the broken glasses and art-deco isn’t that simple to be interpreted (even) by the experts since the world discovers the reversing techniques to hid the secret messages.

Clear blue-ish sky on the horizon or the three dimensional shapes lining out the hidden messaging pictures sent by music to your ears on Pop-Tunes and New Wave touches. Using the good catchy beats and standard tempo with menacing the broken things being done broke there but young feelings keep forwarding on sings the tracks tunes of On TV, I Am A Camera, Vermilion Sands to Beatnik as well as Rainbow Warrior reflecting how the generation then wanted the spotlights too doing at least rebellious on something !