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Leisure Bees (Hardly Art 2016)

Dana Katherine Scully or FDP or I Love Seattle or I Hate Weekend are mostly – the group’s thoguths and ideas made into lyrics and tons of words relating to the daily living pictures around their hometown; Seattle Alternative-Pop Indie band Tacocat consisting of Emily Nokes, Eric Randall, Bree McKenna and Lelah Maupin recording their music into a very cutey sounds as Rock N’ Roll Feminist Sci-Fi talks about pets or today’s news on the roads to shares may attracting the young girls or the idealistic Pop-rockers to love on seeing them play and performed.

On nothing too proudly up off the career in music such as nominated to the high times doobie awards once or the signing for you for “don’t threaten them with good times or just like a display on The Go-Go’s meets The Monkees for this fourth recording albums catalog by the title of Lost Time seems to be colorful and playable to have  on listening such of the short lovely sweet misery theorists contacted via Plan A Plan B to Night Swimming and Horse Grrls – truly indie-rock packaging stuff fun !

Lost Time: