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Lectrosheen (20th Century Fox 2012)

   Used to be known as Neighborhood Watch but later mentioned just as The Watch as science-fiction comedy following the foursome friends forming their own suburban watch group around their neighborhood as Evan Trautwig (the senior manager on Costco store in Glenview – Ohio found that one of the security guard that die for being murdered mysteriously as the local police having none suspects and evidence yet – Evan decided to manage the neighborhood watch as recruits Bob the construction worker, Franklin a high-school dropout with his dream to be a police officer but failed and Jamarcus recently divorcing weird guy as then while drinking and having fun and then patrolling actively stumbled to a strange metal object that can highly acts a destructive weapon probably, came from an alien origin as more town-people being killed mysteriously until the responding calls finally, encounters the alien but killed by Evan; slightly escaping after its conscious regains to infiltrating the town as suspicious grown with Bob worried about his daughter Chelsea’s boyfriend Jason or Evan himself avoiding wifey Abby for personal reasons but the hot suspects would be one of his neighbors because of the strange stiffy speaking as the group off - The Watch movie learns about aliens stealing their victim’s skins as well to disguising would be so terrifying hilarious and funny to see as well as the various artists compilation recording displaying the composition works by Christophe Beck brought those classics tracks like N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton, Christopher Cross for Sailing, Bachman Turner Overdrive You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet; Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg with The Next Episode or M.O.P through Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory) given the trace fresh tracks towards the investigation whether Bob punching Jason from raping Chelsea at the party then being fired from the group but Evan did admits to Abby about his personal problems and accepted back.
   Finding out that Jamarcus confess that he’s one of the alien creatures must be shocking to Evan as well the information from him that the aliens build transmitter beneath Costco but while jamarcus is a friendly and wanted to experience human culture types of alien; Jason on the other hand is a mean one with Evan and Franklin then fighting him and disable to transmitter but surrounded by more before Jamarcus helping them. Bob did killed after his ripping the dick-off as the fleet of aliens forced to be retreated. Evan and Abby adopting a daughter later on as Chelsea’s new boyfriend accepted by Bob; Franklin being accepted by Glenview PD as Jamarcus keep participating the secret orgy neighborhood group as they maintaining the continuously efforts to protect the town …