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Last Hell Driving (Metal Blade/Roadrunner 1988)

Not many Heavy Metal bands from America coming or formed in Fairbanks – Alaska but the old days of the hayday’s long-haired members looking like the rockers you used to dreaming of you would be or just plain, average but still go rocking out with (the Resch) Chris Resch, Dave Resch, Eric Resch and Dave Graybill went louder before their disbanded time comes later.

The Kill album number three off the Pandemonium’s catalog of Heavy Rock displaying the weird paintings in front of their cover; a half-naked babe being tortured in the head but steadily alive while those two werewolves on both sides of her as the banging metallic music roars through Madness Ascending, The Last Star, Your Evil Ways, Wait or The Will To Kill – may causing temporary head-banger and double toaster your brains for listening to them shouting a bit louder !

The Kill: