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Lady Seduce Tonight (Casablanca 1983)

   One of the romantic drama films of all time which perhaps, being world-wide well-known for the soundtrack and the life-style genre of dancing musical that being brought by it would be Flashdance. Alexandra “Alex” Owens is the steel-mill welder working girl from Pittsburgh living in a converted warehouse aspires her dreams to be a professional dancer with no background formal training but only working part-time her night job as an exotic dancer in a neighboring bar and grill cabaret forming bonds with her friends with the same talents but lack of opportunity such as a training figure skater and a waitress Jeanie or a wished to be a stand-up comedian cook and boyfriend – Richie as Alex being pursue by the steel mill owner Nick Hurley or Johnny C the Zanzibar strip club owner continuing this life story day by day. 
   Attempting to apply to Pittsburgh Conservatory Dance and Repertory as she had her counsel with mentor Hanna a retired ballerina but the intimidating scope and application process to the listing all the dancing experiences and prior education leaving Alex to steps back and went home before being insulted by Johnny C but Nick came to intervene – then, they relationship begin to sparks. Richie decided to go to LA to be a comic writer but Jeanie becoming closer to Johnny C and then working as one the stripper dancer on the club before Alex stopping her and drag her out might be the half essential reality story surrounding the movie Flashdance as the original Soundtrack from the motion picture by various artists compiled here for the recording music with Electro Synth-Pop to Pop-tunes popular within beats or softer from Irene Cara’s hits via Flashdance… What A Feeling, Shandi on He’s A Dream, Karen Kamon through Manhunt or Donna Summer disco Pop tracks through Romeo and Maniac – another radio hits by Michael Sambello may showing the back-up over a second chance for Alex to have her audition by using Nick connection to the art-council really gets Alex upset because she wants to have an opportunity based on her own merit and facing the troubled death of Hanna soon makes her despondent to seek the future no matter what as she successfully completes the audition through the falters as number dance of various composing including the breakdance on the street sequence that flirts and influenced many women to do the same dance-moves thing for daily activity since …