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Jackhammer (SCE London Studio 2006)

   Our - Gangs of London gameplay is very straightforward as you selecting the gang or proceeding the complete mission from suicidal range onto protection or races advancing the story as well problems drawn with other gangs; the arcade style over different gateways and break-in goes wrong turning natural plan to police chasing as well as the standard modes like Free Drive, Speed Trap, Cause Havoc or just being ordinary London Tourist challenge to taking different landmarks photographs to enjoying peaceful city or better intense rising level of fear through Four Weeks Later where zombie outbreaks hitting every parts of the city and you need to not only protecting your boss but yourself and switching sides to be a police officer dealing with total riot assigned from metropolitan police to neutralized the situation. Besides the thrilling music by the game company via Petrolosis there's also Getaway, The Knowledge and Pub Games as bonuses for the likes of 8 Ball, Snake or Bowling. Missions are the same albeit to which gang you’re chosen to be from luxurious Morris Kane Firm, EC2 yardies, Talwar Brothers from the middle-eastern; Zakharov Organization for Eastern Europe and Water Dragon Triad the Chinese; trivia or box art and theme music available for the gamers to either battles and shoot right or be killed and fails !