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Intruder Video (Hollywood Records 2002)

   Discovering strange crop-circle on his own farm changed the simple living story of Graham Hess a former reverend having two children Morgan the asthmatic son and little daughter Bo and Merrill – younger brother of Hess an ex-minor league baseball player there on a remote Doylestown with the long losing faith Graham after his wife died on a traffic accident.
Calling the law enforcement to investigate the various strange happenings and noises around their house area; something communicates through the baby monitor with the first suspects would be some local boys did silly sick jokes towards them or colleges city kids doing dumb activities as on the same time – more crop circles appearing globally to the shocking news flash about the alien-creature sighting footage in Brazil and the fleet of non-explain-able lights in the sky of Mexico city saw by Merrill and the children at home television. 
Graham and Merrill also seeing dark figures disappears mysteriously after watching their fields or the rooftops walking which cannot be chased easily. 
The late memories about his local neighbor Ray whom being accused for killing Colleen (Graham’s wife) or the moment remembering how both Morgan and Bo being born on their days of birth encouraging the family from being fear about the alien invasion as the adults blockade all the doors and windows but still the alien can attacking the basement door from an old coal chute, shutting all the lights out but didn’t manage to grab them. 
   Signs movie from M. Night Shyamalan’s Sci-Fi Horror film being well-composed within the tracks of classical instrumentals conducted by Pete Anthony and music by James Newton Howard playing themes over Boarding Up The House, First Crop Circles, Recruiting Officer, Throwing A Stone, Asthma Attack to The Hand of Fate Pt. I and II helping Graham to save his children from being harmed by the last alien trapped on their living room on the next morning as Merrill finally swing his baseball bat again and kill the horrid creature; ends the home invasion as peaceful life gains back by The Hess since then.