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In Distress (Relapse 2007)

   Aaron Wolff the vocalist, Steve Watson on guitar, with Andrew Hercules (guitar), bassist Sean Dooley and Anthony Salajko behind the drum-set starling their intense ferocity of manic and memorable Math-Core, Progressive Metal and Alternative Metal of Ontario, Canada as the mysterious mystic splendor crushing musical releasing on the second record of Elementary as The End (band). Massive pyramid being built there in the middle of the metropolis ruin world ejecting a horrid topic about the unique visions of brand new heights of doomsday preparations or conspiracy theories themes written by the group causing further furor not only for the track-titles but also the techniques in the making of the great fucking sounds for the loyal metallic progression listeners on songs like Animals, The Never Ever Aftermath, The Moth and I or My Abyss as well as Throwing Stones.
Soulless expressions over your bad dreaming nightmares ?