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Icyibo Ararira (Commotion Records 2005)

   History never repeats the tragic once only but on this horrific story during the Spring of 1994; occurred beyond documented what the world may always remembering as Rwandan genocide with Rusesabagina’s saving lives of not only his family but thousand refugees as the Hotel des Mille Collines turning into a shelter for the hopeless souls due to the repercussion of violent erupts starting by the assassination of the president on a plane explosion blown up the tension between majority Hutu and minority Tutsi along the worse corruptions and bribes a routine politics struck down the nation like a widespread panicking chaos as the riots erupt with Paul Rusesabagina the Hutu hotel manager having Tutsi wife Tatiana turns the frictions bigger as the Interahamwe brutal Hutu militia group leader and his friend realizing about this situation with the civil war and genocide uprising hitting most parts of the country’s crowded populations. Within the low-chances for escaping the country but sheltering more refugees after the foreigner French and others successfully, evacuated by the UN army force led by Colonel Oliver Paul must maintaining the bribes to thus militia brute armed men for not continuing taken, raped or killing more Tutsi from the area with alcohol and money until they said towards him they’re half-way there on wiping out Tutsi “the rich cockroaches” for good as Paul and his hiding family witnessing day by day the violent treats and torturing and things that left unspoken to watch around them by Hutu extremist on this thrilling history-drama of Hotel Rwanda within thus tragedy brutality seeing people got easily shot, chop, raping of women, burning houses and dead bodies scatters or piling up on the streets was the panorama of horror to watch along the socio-conscious on both suspense scary moments to the good moments along the storyboard carried by Afro Celt Sound System music arranging within the helpful various artists of Africans local names from Dorothee Munyaneza, Burundi Musiques Traditionelles, Yvonne Chaka Chaka to international acts composer/musicians Rupert Gregson-Williams or Deborah Cox and  Wyclef Jean bring to us some of the finest sadness lyrics and cultural explanations via Nobody Cares, The Road To Exile, Million Voices, Ambush or Ne Me Laisse Pas Seule Ici and Mwari Sigaramahoro with Andre Guerra or Ben Munyaneza leads the last attempts in blackmailing Rwandan Army general by Paul in order of assistance for saving his family and most of the hotel refugees able to besieged to UN convoy trucks as Paul Rusesabagina threatening the general being a war criminal as they’re travel bymasses reaching the safety border behind Tutsi rebel territory. As the family reunites or moving to Belgium as the genocide ends completely – war crimes being brought to the international court and sentenced for their convicted acts.