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Hypocritical Conflict (Bandcamp 2015)

   Progressive Technical Death Metal fusion and latin mexicano worth a collection for you whom liking Thrash Metal/Death Metal and Funk-Latino in order to bashing your heads harder to the wall or accompanying context metallic riffs by depending roots urges you to dance called Heavy metal music from Acrania’s Fearless.
As the snake trying to eat the mountain tiger for breakfast but failed in its attempts for that as the beast tearing the snake’s belly up from the inside on a fine Jazz tuning elements and exquisite blend over the power-grooves track like Overflow, I Was Never Dead, Blinded By Power, Poverty is in The Soul to Point of Collision – remarkably paste your days with dunker beats addiction for hard music taste ! 

Featuring the members: Luiz Oporeza (rhythm guitars), Johnny Chavez (drums), Alberto Morales (bass), Cesar Gallegos (lead guitar) and Dani Montiel (percussions) energetically comes bashing us !