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Hipster 2Fast (Abstract Logix 2015)

Tribal-tech onto the jazzy ranch hondo-condominium magic bigger sounds and forceful techniques owned by Mr. Gary Willis – one of our US bass player masters whom for some might not too familiar to him or the presence on his works may trying to offers yourself over the jazzy rocking fusion late albums from him via Larger Than Life. 

Twelve tracks as far as you might wanted to attached demands for more explorations and experiences through the constant gardening of sound’s soulful beats on the record led by Gary Willis with plenty additional musician masters as well like keyboardist Scott Kinsey, Lilbert Fortuny on tenor saxophone, vocalist Claudia Bardagi, drummer/programmer Gergo Borlai, alto saxophone player Steve Tavaglione with your Jazz-loving ears shall be easily feasting on those compositions tracks over The Professionals, Everything’s Cool, Say it Ain’t So, Solaris and Vendetta with the most non-conventional artwork for the front cover that might trick some for a misconception for Heavy Metal recording to this.

Larger Than Life: