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Guest Jump Sex (Mojuba 2015)

   Core members of the group consisting of Carl Ramberg and Jack Considine using the classic vintage synthesizers and drum machines for the displaying products musical over the celebrating a very special maginifcent releasing from February & Mars self-titling awash sounds fits for the environmental ranging from rolling lime-stones mountains to a wild Atlantic sea as being inspired by Brian Eno, Guns N’ Roses to interplanetary loving conventionally, did well through guitars, vocals, piano and signature dreamy hybrid sounds of Electronic, Psychedelic and Indie-Pop upbringing imprints of a fostered farther from just being a plain cosmic disco/techno-club but a pretty much Progressive fusion music harmony over February & Mars releasing album.

Listen to the beats sold out from Secret Storm at The Edge of Night, The Farmer’s Song, Lick The Bag, Jump City as well as Deep Transformation which re-sending thus messages lyrical trust within the Desert Winds carved solid permanently.