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Goomba Stomp T-Bag (Flying Panda Records 2014)

   Weird crazy and blended for Progressive Rock to awesome Pop tunes as the choruses sounding catchy as fuck as you wanted to have them play.
   The Moron Police with their eclectic Pop-basic grooves and riff-age power superb hearing musical project seems to be incredibly non-argue-able and intrigue between somewhere your fantasy of rocking festivals and remarkable sick shows ever existing there within the releasing around the trio musician performanceon Defenders of The Small Yard as kinds of Funk/Metal/Acoustic Punk vomiting by Bam Margera’s odd band meets the virtuoso sophomore testament where a beasty wolf falling in love to a blonde babe as being made by Sondre Skollevoll (guitars, vocals, keyboards, banjo, lyrics), Rune Stordahl (bass) and Thore Omland Pettersen (drums) wrote-down some of their infamous/interesting/flammable tracks of fortunes and final fantasy themes from Grand Theft Bovine, Prepopherous (This Prepophery, I Will Not Have It), Go Home  Bitch!, Cabo onto Another Song About California and Black Woman – tasting to your sensibility senses on how to enjoying life without doing dumber things but bringing the ensemble of styles and choruses to the mainstream under Rock music spirits.  

Defenders of The Small Yards: