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Givin' Dick Away (Dimension Films 2001)

   A horror comedy franchise number two as you might vomiting after consumes the entire shitty dumb movie around parodies and about sick jokes and plenty spontaneous explicit sarcasm and sensual tinged scenes on Scary Movie 2 taken the influential famous pieces off the legendary movies such as House on Haunted Hill, The Exorcist, The Changeling to Hannibal or Hollow Man opening up with a failure exorcism rituals by Father McFeely and Father Harris on Megan Voorhees being possessed by the previous house owner Hugh Kane with urinating dinner and insults McFeely’s mom only to pissing him up and shoot the gun to kill Megan as meanwhile, in the present times – Cindy Campbell, Brenda with Ray Wilkins and Shorty Meeks trying to have their new lives which either tagged to a maladjusted social bitch Alex, stoning up Shorty still, Ray being confused about his sexuality to romantically, interested Buddy to Cindy but got rebuffs. Went together as a test subject to study paranormal activity on a local haunted mansion with professor Oldman and his paraplegic assistant Dwight as well added within sexy Theo and greets by foul-mouthed parrot owner Hanson the repulsive antique guy messing the entire dinner time.
   Cindy begun to hears voices from a secret room and discovers Hugh’s wife diary portrait similar to her looks resemblance while other teens experiencing bizarre encounters such as Alex being fucked by Hugh Kane ghost; Cindy fist-fighting the house cat, the toy clown attempts to kill Ray ended up being raped by him as weed monster rolls Shorty to a joint or Professor Oldman seduced and killed by Huge’s mistress ghost also encounters Shorty whom making sex to her. Various Artists filling in the music soundtrack for Scary Movie 2 within the lists of Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield), Shake Ya Ass (N.E.R.D/Mystikal); The Prodigy, Vitamin C onto Donnell Jones for U Know What’s Up or Oleander – I Walk Alone, Skullsplitter from Hednoize and Tony! Toni! Tone! or Trace as the beatable songs of both classic or newest one via Ride Wit Me, Holiday Party or So Erotic might distracting you a bit from bursting into laughter over the hilarious dumber movie scenes. 
As they’re equips with weapon to injure the spectral enemies pursuing through the mansion before Buddy and Cindy got trapped inside a freezer as Cindy did the hand-job to buddy blasting her with cements all over her before a collection of random objects produced into caterpillar tractor by her to escape Hanson got possessed by Huge but lure by Cindy as bait to the device that destroying him as the group freeing from curses. 
Later on, Hanson show up again to haunts Cindy but hit by a car with Shorty drives while getting a blowjob from ghost mistress !!!