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Geyron’s Throne (Southern Lord/Alone 2006)

   Seville itself offering strong influences base on the semana santa annual procession penitential hooded robes crew teaming as essential Avant-Garde Doom Metal as well as hypnotic repetition on quasi-mystical intensity or torpid rhythm as slower as death itself giving the members: Marco Serrato Gallardo (bass, vocals), Borja Diaz Vera (drums) and Ricardo Jimenez Gomez (guitars) releasing the first recording debut under the title of Gran Poder as melting Doom Metal over four track-titles may causing havoc feelings upon your minds.
   Looks Christianity but actually, against it very well by calling darkness spells and magic blackest as the demon itself presenting in front of you – the initial sin and more deadly messages within thus local lyrics story-telling on Arrodillate Ante La Madera Y La Piedra or El Lamento Del Cabron or deeper more through-out the characteristic bashing destruction acts and dungeon torturing basement over Oficio De Tinieblas.

Hail the dark, the demon and the death of the saints of god …

Gran Poder: