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Gets Lost Returns (Warner Bros. 2001)


   THIR13EN or 13 Ghosts is a supernatural horror movie remake involving Cyrus Kriticos, his psychic assistant Dennis, for the leading team mission on capturing spirits inside the strange unique glass-house building owned by Cyrus but inherits over his nephew widower Arthur with his two children Kathy and Bobby facing their financial insecurity living there with nanny Maggie. Latin phrases strangely not being easy to interprets by ordinary people actually kept the spirits of thus urban-legendary tales about twelve ghosts inhabited the prison-rooms of the glass-house trapped inside it and only being released after the barrier spells of latin inscribes reads to be unlocked upon them.
With Dennis seeing flashes of psychic images of horrible things describing the entire characters of the twelve ghosts such as The First Born on, The Torso, The Bound Woman, The Withered Lover, The Torn Prince, The Angry Princess, The Pilgrimess, The Great Child, The Dire Mother and the mean ones like The Hammer, The Jackal and The Juggernaut known as the related signs of Black Zodiac – each having their own background and chilling originated stories. 
   John Frizzell’s twenty-two songs compositions on the original soundtrack for 13 Ghosts spreading horrific atmosphere around our scared visions for the following movie; with the tragic to horrific and possibility over the impossible unknown forces invisible and reality struck down the team and survivors inside the locked glass-house situation where they must get out quickly before all the locking doors are open as the dazzling brass-sectioned orchestra soloist for The Princess, Cyrus’ Will, What’s in The Basement ?, Junkyard to Opening of The Chambers to Rafkin Struck Down or Gene Returns complementing the inner greed and the evil plan of Cyrus to murdered Arthur and his kids from having the rights on the strange house but as things went entirely wrong for others the advantages received by the mean man turns out to be a misfortune as the faked death of Cyrus led the killing of his secret friend Kalina and the summoning of the ghosts to activate the massive complicated and weird machine appearing from under the basement; as twelve ghost orbiting the clockwork device then hurl Cyrus to be sliced up to pieces inside the rotating metal rings while Arthur bravely jumps in the center to save his children. Good ghosts of Dennis and Arthur’s wife Jean appears to them smiles and thanking them for the love and helps freeing them before with other ghosts disappears.