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Future Glory (New Regency Music 2016)

   Expanding series within the time expands of series from a video game in the original flashback history on the Andalusia’s  Granada war on protecting Prince Ahmed deGranada the assassins brotherhood choose Aguilar de Nerha to fight the knight templar while on the future times, little Callum “Cal” Lynch finding that his mother died as being killed by his father as the Abstergo Foundation of the templars capturing him while Cal escapes. Later onto the new millennium; it’s Cal’s turn being sentenced for murder but as the execution being faked by Abestergo Foundation taking him to a Madrid secret facility with templars eagerly searching for Apple of Eden to eliminate violence among humanity encoding the control of free will Alan Rikkin and his daughter Sofia heading the scientists of the facility revealing about Cal’s descendent from Aguilar as the last person confirming about the presence of the apple then putting Cal in a genetic machine animus for the observation to allows them relives the flashback historical events in order to find the precious thing as the movie Assassin’s Creed showing great action adventures scenery and fine martial battle arts between the couple of secret assassins Aguilar and Maria on rescuing the prince from his kidnappers led by Templar Grand Master Tomas de Torquernada demanding Sultan Muhammad XII surrendering the apple as the templars troops being intercept by Aguilar and Maria but overpowered even after killing many soldiers as Sofia stops the machine and helping the to calm the seizure body of Callum. Stage screen scoring music along for accompanying the missions for Aguilar and his beloved partner Maria on fighting the battles over the templars blood-thirst conqueror and systematic religious mis-interpreted within the starts from The Execution, to The Animus; First Regression onto The Cure For Violence, Research Room as well as Underground and Columbus onto the lasting scene for The Mutiny and Seville making more time to releasing the assassins couple from being executed to a burning stake and long sermon from the evil Torquernada as manage to escaping themselves on a ferocious battle and madding crowds to the rooftop chase and the Leap of Faith as cancelled for the paralyzed temporary mind of Cal later to learn that his father is also captured in the facility and the real story revealed about his mother an assassin choose to die in her husband hand rather than being forced to use the animus while Alan is being under-pressure by templars elders spending multi-billion dollars for Animus Project cause they think they’ve already won the people whom no longer care about civil liberties and content to follow, given Sofia questioning the true intention of it too. Back to the fourteenth century  Andalusia: where Aguilar and Maria being ambushed in a meeting between the Sultan and Torquernada as the assassins succeeded to kill the templars and returning the apple but Odeja the commander captures Maria while Aguilar had Torquernada for a stand-off as resulting Maria to choose to die by stabbing herself while Aguilar kills the commander and wounded the leader but needs to escaping once again through the Leap of Faith caused the animus machine malfunctions as Aguilar gave the apple to Christopher Columbus with a devoted promise for keeping it to his death as thee other prisoners inside the facility led by Haitian Baptiste starting some riots killing as many as Abstergo securities confronting to stop them. Cal met the projections of numbers assassins including his mother and embracing the reality of fully assimilated memories and abilities of the Assassin’s Creed and retrieving The Apple from Columbus burial vault at the converge ceremony in a Templar sanctuary of London while they’re celebrating the triumph; disillusioned Sofia meets Cal whose taking the apple back by killing her father – vows later for a revenge on Assassin’s Creed …