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Freedom Evil (Ripple Music 2018)

   Hungarian self-proclaiming of Modern Higher Octane Rock N’ Roll twirling group of Budapest capital for their blending over Blues Rock, Soul Music and reminiscent sounds over the late 1960’s and 70’s for swaddles of some modern vibes and harmony group vocals like the inspirational influenced parts of CSN-heritage or more Bluesy Boogie version of C.C.R team-street to surprising your stereo system as the likes from Clutch, Led Zeppelin onto Mountain and Kris Kristoferson and serious Grunge music projecting on Cosmos Calling by Mate Guylas (drums), Gergely Dobos (bass), Andras Gabor (guitars, background vocals) and Marton Szekely (vocals, tambourine) as calling themselves Ozone Mama whose riding the stone hopping-deer through the barren land proudly blasting their grooves via these presentation exhibits of Stoner Blues Rock and Psychedelic Metal onto Feel So Alive, Doppelganger, High Ride, Shout At The Sky to The Alchemist and Moon Pilot are some of those good listening favorable ensemble for you to head-bang in with – boom-baby rockers !

Cosmos Calling: