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Forward Falling (Odeon Films 2001)

   As two of the tracks performing by Marc Jordan with the helping write-down penned for words and music by Jim McGrath and Joel Feeney for the original songs soundtrack of Treed Murray – the unfortunate story of an advertising executive named Murray first by coincidence had a fight with Carter while running into as the briefcase strikes to the face and the proceeding of walks away causing the effects of avenging by the soon mugger times with the involving of part of the small gang crew brought by Carter to chase out the unluckiest cocky Murray through the some sections inside the metropolitan large park. Starring David Hewlett to the young thugs like Aaron Ashmore (Dwayne), Cle Bennett (Shark), Kevin Duhaney (Carter) as the rest of the little punks starts to do their terrorizing chase on Murray whom before just thought the situation would be not that deep-shitty but after seeing the odd-chance for being harassing or robbed in black and blue - fearing for his life; Murray taking his choice as decided to climbing up the tall tree will evade him from being captured.
Hearing Come and Get It as one of the theme songs from this film would be showing on how small unimportant things can turning back up as a horrible situation you must dealing with like the case on Murray himself. As the night falls and approaching darkness seemed affecting everyone down as well making the moment anxious to desperate the attackers while the calls for helps didn’t effective at all as useless; the gangs trying to forced their victim down from a tree but as the time struck with later on, the turning points advantage Murray for the supply on courage within armed and hostage as the gang trying to taking him down but not clever enough on from raging to be alter-state to be influenced in stand-off moment. 
   As time passes by and several events and conversations between two sides opponent continues within the importance learning about daily lives, serious topic to the humanity social life subjects really opens their minds altogether – things begin to change for this Canadian thriller-drama of the routine walk home nominated for two Genie Awards.