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Foreign Body (Johnson Family 2017)

   Dangerous like how the first time Guns n’ Roses comes up the surface of rocking roady rousing party of their appetite destructively as these band members of Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons: Filfy Antz (drums), Dirty Jake (guitars/backing vocals) and Puss Johnson (vocals/guitars) only as trio can make differences like the five-piece crew of Heavy Metal copulating Punk-Rock from London – UK at the finest third recording release over Ain’t No Pussy as the lighten-out solos flaming and rhythmic bouncing not too popular with enormous sensations for the female sensuality and front attacking mistress screams onto Pain!, Surrender My Heart, Pretty Good For a Girl, Suneal or The Wasp really touching your elements of becoming a greater mocking to the world ordinary as the sign and the songs already aiming at once to the right place which is your social values that looks now old and irrelevant !

Ain't No Pussy: