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Foolishness Seeing Gun (Virgin 1996)

   The lesser-known American female singer-songwriter from the nineties era of good Alternative independent Rock seasonal but gripping good to your ears as her releasing of both debut and maybe the last went out to the market with The Beginning, The Middle, The End as attractive looking good and sounded mid-tempo honest pleasure flown with cuter front cover of her two dog pets within the help from bass guitarist Chris Ballew, drummer Matt Chamberlain as well as Rick DeChurch on guitars and violinist Paul Cantalon; background the sensitive sensual vocals from our guitarist/vocalist Kristen Barry thrown out to the public via messages and lyrics themed of daily problems, story of the urban tales and socio-politic issues related to the stable independent of women altogether rapidly but standard through I Swear, Nothing’s Too Good, Cool, Gotta Go, Neil Young’s Don’t Cry cover-version as well as Paralyzed or Why Are You Wasting My Time – the cool ballad with heavy burden solution to answering the question of the existence for God In The Box. Pretty sweet and hard barking !

The Beginning, The Middle, The End: