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Flavours Three Blood (Island Records 2004)

   Beer drinking and playing video-games first before working daily as an electronic salesman, having no direction over his own life but staying home or going to Winchester pub to get totally drunk in the morning or anytime possible with best friend might be the descriptions fits for Shaun and Ed over their miserable lives, estranged step-father, breaking-up unhappy girlfriend didn’t noticing his surroundings as came a creeping in plague over the daily society as someone biting someone else, or a bum who eats life birds on a park, a driver died spontaneously in the middle of the street as well many strange things happening besides the regular activities such as news flash on television telling about the various attacks and confusing cases of violent occurs while many people to go by bus or catch a flue sneezing; wrong phone-calls from mom, shopping across the street for ice cream or sodas to the neighboring kids playing ball and kissing couples didn’t really alerting London people that the morning Zombie apocalypse happens bloody quick and devastating. Shaun Of The Dead must be one of those comedy meets horror about zombie-flicks movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost among other casts whom shall providing you a burst of laughter moments for watching this. 
   Within the various artists casting the soundtrack with their songs closely describing the much scenes shown as a background of music from the motion picture such as from Man Parrish’ Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop), Ash via Meltdown, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster through Mister Mental or Kernkraft 400 in Goblin Zombie (Zombie Nation) to those Classics track of tunes from variety genres sound like The Specials’ Ghost Town, The Smiths’ Panic, Grand master Flash & Melle Mel on White Lines to rocking heaven greatest of You’re My Best Friend by the UK’s famous quartet – Queen. Stupid silly plan arguably quarreled well as Shaun and Ed trying to rescue his mother after killing the step-dad alternatively connected to the next one for saving his ex-girlfriend Liz and her sister with Ed on the steering-wheel created miserable mess since managed to escaping their old house neighborhood with infested zombies only to abandoned the car leaving the reanimated zombie Phillip as the plan for taking refuge to the surrounding Winchester pub overrun by the undead people seems to be impossible to do at a moment. 
Shaun asking everyone to act shambled like the zombies to go as closer to the front door while his sprinting act attracts the zombies to following him away. The group attempts to defending themselves with a rifle and many useful hard objects as weapon but as Shaun’s mom reanimated after a bitten wound then killed or both Liz sister and her boyfriend being devours by the undead horde breaking in the place and sets of firing bar really did protecting Shaun, Liz and the bitten Ed before they’re finding the way out through the cellar. 
British army finally arrives with their trucks and guns as they’re wiping out the remaining zombies and destroying the place down. As the civilization coming back to normal after the outbreak as Liz move-in with Shaun; the chained-zombie Ed kept placed inside the barn for playing video-games with Shaun !