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Fist Remember Same (Revelation Records 1997)

   Highlighting within their Alternative Grunge and Modern emotional Rock out sounds over the Seeing Thing album being released in the middle ending of the nineties era with Ed Brown, Kevin Lynch and Mark Vecchiarelli starring on the group’s line-up as producing tightly by Descendents/All’s power-drummer methodical brainy member Bill Stevenson for these presentation over Shades Apart melodic Hardcore music on Cathode, Fearless, Second Chances, Hiding Place, Getting Over It onto Behind The Wheel non-repeating but exclusive to makes your head banging hard following the anthems on a sing-along temporary show picturing the themed lyrical and background of your teenage angst or summer endings badly towards the subconscious questioning oneself just like a portraying hunter spider waiting for the prey silently, solitude but having a blast inside by torturing loneliness must be fought right as Modern Rock providing such an Alternative decisions on hope and fate colliding altogether within rhythmic beats and distorted solos no being smartly wise.

Seeing Thing: