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Fernbeds (Profound Lore 2017)

   Mother closing son’s eyes just like chains for the depicting protection in sentimental sense of safety from the adults to the infants or young-lings over the showcase upon temporary solution featuring the tracks on seeking comforts to turn to these Brooklyn Shoegaze/Post Metal noises experiments and then, realizing that this recording – So Numb by Sannhet didn’t really soft and easy listening at all.

   The distorting and the drumming thunderous with more melodic and seminal perfect harmony obeying the performers of the Avant-Noir: Christopher Todd (drums/samples), John Refano (guitars/loopers) and AJ Annunziata (bass guitar/visuals) shelling down the shields as warmth relationships won’t spoiling the entire wrath progressive pretty neat as Sapphire or Indigo Illusion cranking up the stereo system. 
   Such an imperfect escape to listening more about Way Out, Salts onto Secondary Arrows and Wind Up – releasing all the entire paths off humanity exsistence there on instrumental tracks available solidify in automatic …

So Numb: