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Familiar Doubts (SideOneDummy 2016)

   An abbreviation of Pathetic Use of Potential or PUP may becoming your Canadian Punk-Rock Indie Grunge and Modern Rock measurement solidify by these quartet of four local musicians: Zack Mykula, Steve Sladkowski, Stefan Babcock and Nestor Volodymyr from Toronto, Ontario showing the distinctive strange artwork photograph on the front cover as a person getting nude reading the newspaper on a couch as the other figure burns up – probably, dead or happy as the results maybe can easily listenable via the ten songs recording here over The Dream is Over album as Sleep in The Heat, The Coast, My Life is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier onto Can’t Win as well as If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You I Will looks honestly terrible and sarcastic towards the boring lives within your bad timing and boiling tempers as the lucks seems to walk farther away from you to those assholes – you feel like left behind as there’s no justice created. Don’t get them wrong because the situation might be as worst as yours today – right now !     

The Dream Is Over: