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Fame & Fortune (Alegrium/Lion Studio 2017)

   Earning free money, get fast cash, addicted to be a billionaire that you used to dreaming of since childhood and progress makes perfect as hard working did produces more and more beyond your imaginations; let’s go playing the android gaming on building your business empire on Cash Inc. as the helpful guidance for making yourself a success and richer tycoon through several simple ideas like Tasks in Cash Inc. firstly then, number two – Extra Benefits by Hiring VIPs, followed by 3) Grab Piggy Bank in Cash Inc. to Reach The Milestones as well as Get Free Crystals in Cash Inc. and Use Crystals; Grab Free Offers and Fame in Cash Inc. also don’t forget to upgrading the buildings, stores, bars and studios as soon as milestones reachable, hiring more VIPs managers and automate workers as well as tapping those floating toys, piggy and UFO for fame and profitable points gained more on you. Games and its instrumental Jazzy tunes shall hypnotizing the players for hours expands making money, getting richer !