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False Buszy (UNFD 2016)

   Second recording from Hacktivist – the Milton Keynes, England combinations of guitarist/vocalist/producer Timfy James and rapper J. Hurley upon their fanatic metallic rap and Hardcore militant sounds progress with the help of Ben Marvin, Josh Gurner or Richard Hawking by releasing the record album entitled Outside The Box as Nu-Metal or Gangsta Rap ruling the most interracial concept between Rock and Hip-Hop within the cultural urban city riots and problem issues themed tightly attached on the songs like Taken featuring Rou Reynolds, Deceive and Defy vocals featuring Jamie Graham, Rotten (vocals featuring Astroid Boys/Jot Maxi) onto calmer track - The Storm or the vengeance-based Hate and positivism in Elevate comes tumbling down the conservative minds of yours to be burn and melts within the liberation rebels acts existing as the rocking tunes blaring the stereo hard.

Yes, all sounds are made by the band using guitars, bass, drums and vocals as being written to open the ignorant minds with in shred !

Outside The Box: