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Fallen Soul (Swiss Dark Nights 2017)

   Black and white non-commercial duo Darkwave of Padua, Italy by the names of Michele Gelmo and Tommaso Meneghell asking you to stepping farther from the comforting lights onto the darker corner of life as …And We Were Shadows came in touching our hands within the releasing record of frozen slower encoding New Wave influences via The Cold Spell providing Electronic Rock softer like a invisible stabbing knife through your sensitive private parts by lusty love that hypnotics you very quickly to ecstasy and the piano tunes eerie plays through Neo-Romantic atmosphere views on Alternative Electronic and Goth glamour pressing your desperate measurements among hearings standard tempo and mid-ranging exclusive tunes coming from K-Man, The Things that Never Come, Collapse, When Allis Broken Down, More to Lullaby For E.

Goth-Pop for fans of modern Ultravox effects of frisky risks gone awesomely great to listening before slithering your wrists ...

The Cold Spell: