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Fall Dream Goodnight (FFWD Records 2003)

   Some kind of The Cardigans copycat fusion mixed with French horns and cutey brass-section with their wider influences for Bossa Nova, Swedish-Pop and Swing to the sixties retro sounds is these Bnadung foursome quartet releasing My Diary as debut by the core members of Mocca the band: Riko Prayitno, Achmad “Toma” Pratama, Indra Massad to Arina Ephipania with the tight supports from other six musicians on guitars, keyboards, percussion, trumpet/trombone/saxophone and keyboards tried to dance softly through their flute-oriented Twist Me Around tracks or the Telephone tunes music onto few romantic shares upon When The Moonlight Shines, Life Keeps on Turning, Once Upon A Time/Secret Admirer as well as fun relaxing Indie Pop in a very commercial way struck the radio stations and more loving eras both local and national wide – soon after the releasing of the debut album.

One might finding out that this band really sounded European and Neo-Romantic Alternative based fits well for international market outside Indonesia but perhaps, fail to continues after several attempts and shows abroad but making nicer music to listen.

My Diary: