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Evac Preps, Pt.2 (Universal Studio 2010)


   A background story behind the bombardment of Baghdad by the US troops and allies back in the 2003 as General Mohammed Al-Rawi leaving his compound aides a notebook to Seyyed as instructs his officers to hide the safehouse as four weeks later US Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and the platoon checking the warehouse on a hostile parts territory for Iraqi weapon of mass destruction as being fully covered by many international media but even UN cannot finding one on their mission there. Surprising by the looters and insecure situation as snipers attacking them and chaos along the way and finding nothing but an empty warehouse; Miller then debriefing and brings up several points of majority intelligent inaccuracy anonymous with high-ranks officers dismiss his concern quickly to hide something secret that public didn’t know – CIA agent Martin Brown tells him as well that the next place is also confirmed by UN team as empty makes Roy more suspicious about. The weolcoming of a returning Iraqi exiled politician Ahmed Zubaidi by US department of defense official Clark Poundstone being questioned by Wall Street Journal reporter Lawrie Dayne related to her source story of the mysterious “Magellan” while Miller meet a local source known as Freddy with the information of Ba’ath party vip meeting nearby includes Al-Rawi and officers proved to be a correctible one as US troops deploy on a small scale raiding but within the gunshot Al-Rawi escaping but the Miller caught the house-owner and notebook keeper Seyyed but before further interrogation the prisoners being taken by special operation personnel by helicopter. Fully conspiring and confusing war-thrill movie Green Zone reveals the reality reasons whatsoever starting the occupation of Iraq by the US troops with the story continues on visiting local prisoner of war jail for more info to the Brown Hotel’s meeting as well as how Poundstone and Major Briggs begun to hunting down both Al-Rawi and Miller in order to cleaning-up evidence about the lie on weapon mass of destruction which is not exists as well as the Jordan secret meeting long before the war starts told the high military ranks and executives that there’s no such things as it straight from the mouth of Magellan whom is actually, Al-Rawi and being promised to have a great deal of re-established power on leading Iraq after democracy taking over the country. The time’s ticking and the chase becoming intense and dangerous as Al-Rai location found with Miller trying to arranged to meet him as the national television confirming about the disbanding of entire Iraqi army makes things gone hostile. A reported of Al-Rawi confirms the WMDs in Iraq under Saddam projects soon executes the invasion by US government as well John Powell drives his good sense for making track-listed scoring music for the film within auctioned and thrilling drama confirms towards Meeting Raid, Traffic Jam, Miller Googles, Questions, Mobilize/Find Al Rawi to WTF tells us the entire story of surviving captured Roy Miller to chasing back Al-Rawi but in the end being killed by Freddy whom always disagrees to have a war criminal leads the country again as well as Zubaidi facing the rejections from most of the local delegation on their first democratic election for future leader in Iraq as scathing reports from Miller being send not only to Poundstone whom dismissed it but also to lists of reporters for major news agencies worldwide.