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Elpis Deluge (Crunch Pod 2009)

Gaining their notable success off the releasing Electronic-Industrial music together as a duo from Pittsburgh as the strangely performance and loud hi-tech and lower standard echoes of effects from thus noises experiments, horror themes and apocalyptic predictions over the written lyrics comes alive within the killer beats, operating sonic assaults, bent circuit devices; full scale aggressive as eccentric Dancefloor complex chaos attacks provides with the group’s terror-beats performed by Greg VanEck and Nikki Telladictorian. 
Reminding us for the modern age tunes mixed with old earlier days of Nine Inch Nails using female intuitive vocals as these rhythmic noises over the fifth album on Plague Called HuMAnity did pushing the elemental limits for nudity and crushing tempos led by Blackmagick Tongue, False Prophets (Interlude), Confronting Pandora, The Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth right through Overture Fusillade with the finishing touch written by the infamous psychotic Ministry crew. 

The torturing scene and the sights on sexual punishments are the real noises of modern lives we’re messing in.

Plague Called Humanity: