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Elaine Glammy (Soft Bodies 2015)

   As the chosen weird name like (The) Cleaners From Venus did accepted to be the group’s infamous name in their lesser-known realm over the making music to Indie-Folk Rock and Pop-based harmony with the existing members like Martin Newell to Peter Nice or Giles Smith and Lawrence Elliot – respectably long gone story as separating ways is another choice to take but as the band goes on by careers until the new millennium grace century needs still of the nice projection via Psychedelic Lo-Fi Rock in Pop tuning sounds of British isle influenced attached rooting and neo-romance themes with flowers and catchy choruses went on to the market in public but never seems to be perfectly, appreciated on Rose of The Lanes shall becoming one – perhaps on the next century.
   Strange choices or the ordinary ones captures for the title-tracks here like My Young Mum, Billy Liar, Liverpool Judy or Denmark Street, Queen Khartoum, Tatterdemalion and Rusty River excessively going flows along well within the harmony vocals and thus neat soft distorting materials. Good example of your artistic modeling sketch-drawing time soundtrack after tea time afternoon.

Rose Of The Lanes: