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Edge Pushed (Heaven And Hell Records 2017)

Evil fortune-teller exclusively a disguising satanic-witch misleading your point of views from the lights to be covered by darkness as Portland, Oregon’s Power-Speed-Thrash Metal of fantasy crew on Cruella: Jym Harris (lead vocals), Roger DeCarlo (guitars), Charles Nelson (drums) and Rob Conrad (bass, vocals) releasing their great melodious album entitled Shock The World which now being re-recorded and re-released back to the next new millennium generation of loving head-bang Heavy Metal fans as better cover – sexier, mean and mysteriously magical trying to hypnotizing the globe again with shouting vocals, technical solo guitars to the thundering drums within The Awakening, Russian jig, Mr. Potato Head, Living Death or Jim Jones.

But for now the new version of it just displaying only - Roger DeCarlo whom still loyal to his guitar performance as well as Rob Conrad with only Dave Hval the new drummer helping them now making the blistering sounds annoying to the adults like it used to be !

Shock The World: