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Drop 22 Year (Yanase Productions 2009)

   DJ Alf Alpha producing his own solo project for beats for Bread and Beats for Cheese productions right here or from somewhere cozy around Coachella Valley – California representing himself as being good influenced by almost all matters onto the releasing for this Jumpy Wildly About album within Down-tempo, Disco, Funky, Hip-Hop and Electronic beats just to make everyone moving their bodies madly, crazy, sexy in a most indecent cool ways. Whether you’re just like him admitted an original playboy or loving the soda drinks mixes; just don’t regret to listening decision onto it – the track-listing in one particular album that might stole your girlfriend not once but twice through the dance floor to some stranger with darker skin with a better dance moves than yourself. Swing to Latin to Jazzy Rn’B and more fashionable related mission or Euro-Pop radios would liking how World Famous, Let’s Do It Together, Hit The Books, Luna Blanca, Solar to Get Ready and Real Lady or Sarah Smile – parading the floor with undeniable various beats and scratch from the old school basement place coming back for a payback with Alf Alpha.

Jump Wildly About: