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Dr. Wicked (Nil8 2007)

   Deception, emotions, women and Speed intact Heavy Metal empowered causing you to head-banging harder using this band’s recording of the latest one since they’re started due to the eighties rockers time out era staying underground and not available for many people ordinary hating this type of music that has trampled soling structure slithering neck to the bashing drums and total rhythmic invasion over your ears by the live music instruments performance just like Dean Roberts (drums), Michael Olivieri (vocals, guitars), Patrick Guyton (bass, vocals) to Rob Math (guitars) and Luke Man (guitars) from this Huntington Beach , California group of Heavy Metal – Leatherwolf.
New World Asylum gives us the old perspective equally modern and stays morbid to think about even after the new millennium arrives. 
New World Asylum means so much to tell as the genocides and murderous acts of solo massacre to mass warfare ties in as the plan for a bigger destruction on the global community has been blessings to be done years by to the days upon our disbelieves thoughts they’re really would happening. 
   Sooner or later, the listening kinds of track rocks out the rest warning you about the present future cause and effects within Behind The Gun for the mass gunning down or school shooting cases to Disconnect viewing the advance communication leaving the connection between men adrift away while most playing with themselves; Derailed and The Grail focusing on the blur misdirecting of religious and faith interlace drowning under the differences beliefs and fundamental fanatic terrors as the word Never Again seems to good to be true describing our imaginative peace …

New World Asylum: