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Down To Earth (Curb Records 1988)

   Science fiction adventure started with NASA spacecraft landed on the unknown planet taking soils samples and rocks with the sucking up of four alien inside the vacuum that makes its way back to earth but as the alien manage to escaping the military base which held them by using the powers to destroy or healing anything chosen by them; the young one of the alien family stranded on a passing van hides occupied by a family with wheel-chair bound boy named Eric Cruise with bother Michael and single mom Janet moving to California from Illinois shortly makes Eric suspicious about the alienpresence in their new home approved the next morning as he finds the little creature ruining much pats of the house as Eric being blamed for those things without proper good explanation that reasonable to his family.
   Eric then tries to catch the creature again but fell into the lake and drowning … but the small young alien rescuing him from the immediate danger and disbelieved with the facts of it, Eric begins to tell the story of that action as well trying to befriending the creature after trapping it one night using a vacuum cleaner with his new helpful friend Debbie – entirely, malfunction the power surge around the neighborhood as Michael also now believes it. After the alien showing his ability to fixing most of the broken and damage he caused to the house and change everyone’s behavior towards it but soon later – FBI agents Wickett and Zimmerman showed up in pursuing the trace of alien presents tracking down the little one on Cruise residence which being called as Mac (stands for Mysterious Alien Creature) by Eric; goes on to a birthday party of Debbie’s older sister Courtney works cheering and dancing in mass as another good introduction being also well-filming to create more interests as well as the soundtrack conducts by Alan Silvestri along the tracks of Take Me I’ll Follow, You Knew What You Were Doing (Every Inch of The Way), Send Out a Signal, Wait and Break My Heart Tomorrow as well as You’re Not A Stranger Anymore (Theme form Mac and Me) for the spectators as Mac (suited as a stuff-teddy bear) also dancing silly while everyone’s cheering him up distracting the agents so Eric and Mac can escapes to the nearby town mall by the funny cars chasing wheel-chair sequence as additional helps coming and Janet believes the existence of alien as well. Travelling towards the outskirt of Palmdale, CA to delivers Mac meeting with his family in an abandoned mine continues with the terrible accident at the gas station stop with the tall weird alien family entering the supermarket causing havoc as security and police and agents starts the unintended shootouts ended up with giant explosions killing Eric by the crossfire but as the alien family looks immune to fire they’re survived and with the healing power then, bringing Eric back to life.  
The happy ending for the Alien family which granted a citizenship for their good intention with Cruise family and neighbors and FBI agents attendance on a public oath-taking ceremony on this movie - Mac and Me.

Mac And me Soundtrack: