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Dear Marquis (Avant! Records 2013)

   For letting the angel sings on the top positions as sculptures in architect’s results over an addition to a Dark Wave, minimalist of Synth-Pop with Neo-Goth/Folk, Post Industrial or Punk against Punks monotheist cold-based music beats on the releasing album by the members of the Philadelphia group Kyle Kimball and Chris Betts in approval auras not walking the sides of European Goth-Rock music alone but being creatively oppressed in malcontents within thus malaise of gloominess and shadowing soaked which emerges on To London Or The Lake as Night ins second albums driven the essential retro beats from the late New Wave era in the lasts of eighties in such a beauty sweet dying souls singing the sorrow via Evangeline, Rain, Air Dance and Bound ‘Round The World.

Don’t regret this not as suitable for your happy hours as everything unwell.

To London Or The Lake: