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Danger Ahead March (MCA 1987)

   The comedy awkward, silly and courageous story that makes the infamous name of LAPD Sergeant Joe Friday whose views reflects, involuntarily assigned smart but stiff partnering with Pep Streebeck as the contrasts clashes first time but the disapproving of attitude, style or wardrobe soon decreasing with their investigation series of bizarre thefts of stolen items entire print of Bait porn magazine as a leading moral crusade against Jerry Caesar porn business did by Reverend Jonathan Whirley. Led the trails to a cult group called P.A.G.A.N focusing on Emil Muzz; Streebek and Friday disguising as the members in a pan goat costumes witnessing a masked leader using several stolen items of a virgin sacrifice as the beautiful Connie Swail toss into a pit of anaconda but interrupted by a saving acts by the undercover policemen subdued the snake but the next morning Captain Gannon and commissioner Jane Kirkpatrick finding no evidence on the same site. At the dinner Connie noticing to know the good Reverend Whirley as the evil leader as he reveals the killing plan for Caesar reunion party after Muzz caught the couple of Friday and Connie and kidnapping her again as Friday attracted to Ms. Swail in the process; trying to arrest the reverend but lost his badge and gun as being pulls away from the case. Ira Newborn did the plus addition to the film by soundtrack scoring provider as Dragnet gets its good hilarious, spontaneity and more laughs and excitements not only from the funny actions from Dan Aykroyd and Tom hanks but also the songs like City of Crime, Just The Facts, Helplessly in Love, Dance or Die and Diary Apologies onto The Tank with the Caesar mansion party gone wrong in gunshot but Streebek infiltrates the place with Friday leads the rest of the SWAT team raid Whirley sets fire and escaping to airport where he’s preparing a flight only for two with Connie as prisoner but in the morning the plane intercept by Friday on a police jet, force him to landed and charging with multiple charges.

Partnership with Streebek and dating Connie continues for Sergeant Friday !

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