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Cynical Frequency (Intrepid Pictures/Aviron 2018)

   Johannes Roberts creating his almost perfect Slasher-Horror based on true event to the sequel disturbing violence plotting the evening trip on labor day for the family of four arrived on a mobile home park on a remote Gatlin Kale residence. Mike the modern young dad with concerning wife Cindy and their teenage baseball-local star Luke and rebel-girl daughter Kinsey went to a family trip to their Uncle Marv trailer to spend some quality time soon before Kinsey being sent to boarding school as she’s really pissed to her parents on doing that to her (while the previous scene showing three masked killer arrived with their truck blaring the 80’s music in front of the trailer park; sneaking in and slaughtered the old couple lived there). Playing cards invitations only pissing Kinskey more as she bursting out from the house taking a night walk around the area as being chased later by Luke only to find a trailer door opens with the blood-bathing corpses of both their uncle and auntie as Dollface girl knocking back again on Mike’s trailer door asking for tamara and leaving them for the second time strangely wit Mike and Cindy going out as well finding their terrifying children mumbling about the murder as Mike goes investigating with Luke while Cindy goes back with Kinsey. 
The Strangers: Prey At Night inquires the shocking effects made by the music scores and the thrilling suspense events like the terrible scene where Cindy founds out Dollface already entering their trailer as suddenly, attacking them with big knife wounded Kinsey that can escaping the bathroom upper window but witnessing her mom being stabbed to death by the masked girl makes her bursts in total fear hysteria. Mike and Luke finding the bodies and voicemail as realizing the killer waiting for them there as the man in the mask attacking them with axe and stones before Mike shooting the gun he found from the bedroom as they run back to their place only to find Cindy’s dead in blood while Kinsey missing as the mini van driving for searching her ends up with a crash accident causing by the thrown objects to a trailer as Mike wounded really bad stuck inside the car but sending Luke to find his little sister alone. The killer shown up and kill Mike with the ice pick as the radio’s on. Adrian Johnston providing he compilation of romantic loving odd tracks hits from the 80’s like Making Love Out of Nothing At All, Total Eclipse of The Heart, Cambodia, Live It Up onto Kids in America performance by Kim Wilde, Air Supply, Bonnie Tyler and False Heart as well as Emily Maguire that captures the essential terror mission like the modern-day manson family style of systematic murders story as the scene getting intense with Pin Up Girl showed up and stalking Kinsey as well as the mad driving truck by Man in The Mask cornering Luke to the pool as they’re fighting hard after Luke stabbing Pin Up Girl several times but wounded bad as the other killer stabs him back and leaving him on a pool, bleeding. 
   Kinsey arrives and helping him for safer place but as she’s going out for help; the unlucky sheriff who shown up getting knife slashing on the neck by the psycho killer while manage to shoot Dollface twice with shotgun didn’t ends the chasing by the truck upon Kinsey as she’s bleeding badly and crawling before the wrecked SUV and truck starts leaking gas – Kinsey lighten them up with the lighter. Burnt surviving Man in The Mask pursues her back on a pick-up truck helpful of a mom and son before Kinsey cracking the killer’s face with baseball bat and ending the horror as the morning arrives. Nightmare haunts Kinsey and Luke inside the hospital or it’s just her crazy imagination driving her insane ?