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Curtain Stop (Not On Label 2000)

   Modern commercial Indie Pop-Rock and boosted teenage-based musical themes which sounded like the mixing of Donny and Mary Osmond, The Brady bunch Family and softer Alternative music lust preventing you from stop listening to it; as the primary artists – Bachelor Number One existing after the demise of the old previous one group before it and being engineered by Mark Getten to John Carter with the lead figure performer consisting of Scot Sax (bass, drums, piano, vocals, writer) and Debbie Weisberg (vocals background) within their abstractive influences heavily provided by the likes on The Beatles, The Partridge Family and melodic harmony sixties initiative music products according to the blissful tracks listed here for the only one album of The Mini Series for Your Are, Earth and Sky, The Great Decide, The Discrimination Between Blue and Green or Down; classically sounding flattery, penetrating and romantic to make your after hours of midnight hungry delivery worth a waiting as this music making listenable medium on your stereo.