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Crusader Light (Self-Released 2017)

   Guitar, bass and vocals performed by Miss Alex White while the drums and vocals performed by Francis Scott Key White as this mastered anthemic tracks independently formed by the mixture of head-banging Rock n’ Roll and defiant Punk messages through the smooth transition as sweet and hard as you wanted to have their iconic poetry beats within Fuck Your Mouth Shut (F.Y.M.S) delivers by these Chicago, Illinois’s duet – White Mystery like the blending of Blondie meets Def Leppard and The Ramones in one good package (and... forget the parental advisory label on).

Meet their range of influences across decades in a kick-ass recording release featuring Bad Neptune, Ton Up Kid, Stand It, Dream Cum, Played My Hand (Explicit) to Mars Death Pact (Explicit) rocking upon your stereo system in proud aloud melodic !

Fuck Your Mouth Shut (F.Y.M.S):