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Cruci-Fiction (Metal Blade 2015)

   Led by the founder brothers of Taylor and Colin Young with Anthonie Gonzalez, Cayle Sain to Sean Martin or some other names comes in and out the group from Los Angeles playing their mixture extreme on Hardcore, Death Metal and Metal-Core naming themselves off the 90’s band’s song of Heavy Metal Alternative.
Calling themselves Twitching Tongues and already releasing several extremist recordings by far of the career as now – making their appearance within the black-magic/witch-crafting sense basic towards the fourth album – Disharmony where your ears might going to feast the pleasure head-banging culture devastates music products from first to the last.
   Roaring growls, anti-cimmercial bashing beats and harsh-darker lyrics of hatred and anger within thus bleeding female ritual making and the dis-harmonic pestilence themes and sounds coming from Love Conquers None, Asylum Avenue, Insatiable Sin, Cannibal, Insincerely Yours (Tears & Blood) onto The End of Love or Sacrifice Me; finishing the main questions in our heads about god’s existence and the higher purposes of creations.