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Crowing Wedding (EuropaCorp 2017)

   Too many there are previous works for filming soundtrack scores made to composes by Klaus Badelt – the native Germany musical composer in his career for projects on solo s or collaborations with other composers and on eof the newest one from this man supposed to be the Chinese-French adventure fantasy action which written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen; The Warriors Gate exactly telling us about the modern-day teenage gamer-boy strangely, experiencing the most unusual happening that meet his destiny as the other dimension time opens and drop him a most beautiful oriental princess Su Lin whose passing through her escaping via a mysterious chest from the ancient past but not long after that kidnapping back by the horde of barbarian army led by the cruel king of them all – Arun trying to destroys the entire Chinese imperial kingdom as making himself a new king that rules the land as far as eyes can see while marrying the princess as well during the plan to invading and conquers. Jack the boy than went back to the portal and soon meeting with one of the lovely princess’ royal guard – the loyal Zhoo.
Starring Uriah Shelton, Mark Chao, Dave Bautista and Ni Ni; as the story adventuring goes on with the shocking Jack going along with Zhoo awkwardly – learning to knew each other as the different culture find its way to glue the common sense and funny moments like learning kung-fu or swimming, fighting the band of bandits and crooks to the chasing by the royal guard as well as the forest struggles through the enchanted spells from witch sisters to the long journey for saving the princess, the throne and killing as much as the guards and army of Arun the cruel – from the front gate to the main hall. 
   Songs reluctant to be chosen much showing good interactions between the movie and the composer’s works within such as So Much Trouble (Izia), The Dancing Princess, Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me (Shirley Bassey), Stereotype to Under Attack and The Unknown Land or Be Right There (Diplo, Sleepy Tom) following the good chi and our heroes paths in order to crossing rivers, old bridge to the closer they can get to the castle of Arun as well as the beginning modern jokes about the gorgeous princess turning to a hip girl as dancing on the mall hall to shopping and eat more sweet things embarks the romance between Jack and Su Lin right to the end after the final fights or the penetrating battles to defeating Arun really suits Jack to be one of the greatest fighter of their times as the comedy faults didn’t really looks ridiculous but natural. 

Entertaining for kids !