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Covering Mistake (R’Coup’D 2017)

   Fin Greenall currently based himself in between berlin and London with the background of being British singer, producer, songwriter and guitarist and Cornwall’s DJ recording his entire Electronic music internationally whether they’re solo acts or collaborations with several famous names like John Legend, Ximena Sarinana and Amy Winehouse as being productive … by the name of Fink (musical project) this Resurgam (meaning I Shall Rise Again) distinctly adventurous by catalogue of sounds mixture availability in a more Industrial echoed on Pop-Goth Electro and Dub independent as fearless experimented and nailing aspects gathered in a package of simple slower horizontal-ism over Word to The Wise, Day 22, Cracks Appear, Not Everything was Better in The Past and Godhead – representing how the New Age world molding its own creativity through messages in musical sounds of seminal oddities.