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Courtroom Bus (DTS Entertainment 2004)

   Aileen Wuomos is a prostitute with a dark background away down with and adds more troublesome lives making her hostile, overprotective, dangerous lesbian since the last time raping/beat-up happening to her by one of the customer endings by a murder by her when skips the time while meeting Shelby as declaring herself straight but did grab invitation for beers as immediately spending night together to the first kiss at the roller skate rink as Aileen (Charlize Theron) quits prostitution for good but met the angry Shelby (Christina Ricci) for the failure to supporting them; try to find legitimate work but lack of qualification as well as the accusation from Shelby’s parents exiling her out been the basic theme on this real story on exploitations over women and the world aftermath for some of them for Monster (movie) written and directed by Patty Jenkins. 
   Returning to becomes a prostitute again but this time – aiming for money by criminal history over thus prospect customers whom being robbed and kills by her since the rejection to find another works makes the two women unemployment. Spare only one man as scared he’s confessing for never having sex to a prostitute as admitted but kept killing a man exploiting her and offers help as the victim’s money helps Aileen and Shelby survive. BT (Brian Wayne Transeau) – an American producer, composer, technologist and audio technician songwriter done the soundtrack scoring compositions by closer slowly sending us to entering the dark realm of violence and hostile life reality over Monster instrumental onto Turning Tricks, Girls Kiss, Childhood Montage, Bad Cop, Ditch The Car or Madman Speech onto Ferris Wheel - finally, showing the audience the damned conclusion for reasonable thoguths on Shelby after reading the string murders on the papers as suspecting Aileen committed on doing that based on her behavior and background; justified by Aileen to protecting Shelby as later on being approached by two bounty hunters luring and handed out the killer to cops as being arrested at the biker bar and reveals that Shelby incriminating information as Aileen committed thus murders and get trial with Shelby testify against her. 

Convicted and sentenced to death … 

Aileen then meet her maker by lethal injection execution.