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Could Be Users (Trauma Records 2002)


   When a misfortune moment happens to an arrogant publicist as the movie about neo-noir crime thrilling story shows us the conflict Stuart Shepard needs to dealing with while he got trapped inside the terrible situation with a mysterious crazy (hidden) sniper around New York smaller street where the calling his mistress Pam as he cheated behind his wife – Kelly’s back all along turns to an interrupted awkward to thrill moment since as Phone Booth (movie) shares the caller’s intrusion for knowing his identity and address and everything else even the most secretive ones before Stuart and Pam completed their calls. As then the caller already did the same test by telling Stuart about other bad people and their filthy life-activity like a pedophile to company insider cashed out stock before the price collapsed by giving chance to reveals their crime but as they’re refuse then they being killed as demonstrated later on shooting the toy robot precisely only Stuart, the caler and the vendor can notice it. Harry Gregson-Williams composing the music instruments at the same level providing the thrills for the audience to witnessing as the situation getting deeper when the caller demands Stu to confess to his wife about his cheat but three prostitutes approaching the booth to use the phone and refusal because the caller insists Stu to stay in not reveals the real situation to anyone dragging him on more bad situations as the pimp across the streets begin to involve and shoot the pimp dead as more screaming and hysteria there distracting the police and news crew converging to location led by Police Captain Ed Ramey suspecting Stu a dangerous killer and sealing off the area with roadblocks as the attempting to removed him out the booth faced refuses in jeopardy with the caller giving him a choice to choose between Kelly or Pam to be saved. Electro-beats orchestration tunes of Stus Secret, Last Booth in NYC, Center of Attention, Just Say The Word or Phone vs. Gun captures the most of entirely, conflicts and thrill moments happening as the police trying to secure the place down but as Stu secretly calls Kelly while having phone conversation with the caller hears everything and then informing them to Ramey as Stu begin to confess to everyone about his lying life also a distraction on sufficient allowing the police tracing the real caller on the nearby building but before they goes up to raiding him from killing Kelly as Stu turns uncontrollable and angry but the cops only found the sniper gun and a corpse.

   The last glimpse of a man with a briefcase threatening Stu inside the ambulance reveals to be the real shooter went away for his next unlucky victim picking the phone.